What is online cashback?

Cashback is the monetary reward given to you (the online shopper) for making purchases online.

It really is no different from the rewards & points one gets from using a credit card. The rewards/points are given to encourage one to use the credit card. Just as you get rewards/points from using a credit card, you get cashback from the cashback portals by using their referral links.

How does it all work?

Rather than going directly to the merchant site such as:


You get to the merchant site through the links from a cashback portal of your choice. If you examine these referral links, you will see that they are longer:


These links from the cashback portals are longer so they can be tracked by the merchant. They need to be trackable so the merchant can reward the cashback portal for sending shoppers to their site. The cashback portals in return shares that reward with you.

Detailed Cashback Example

Macy's (merchant) has a deal with Ebates (cashback portal) to pay Ebates 3% of every sale that gets referred. Say a customer (you) makes $100 worth of purchases at Macy's through Ebate's referral link. Based on the deal, Macy's will pay Ebates $3 for finding them a customer. Ebates then takes that $3 profit and shares it with you. If Ebates decides to give you $2 then they would show a 2% cashback rate.

Since the cashback rate is determined by the cashback portals, it is wise to select the one with the highest percentage and of course one that is reputable. To get started simply search for a merchant in the search bar above to see the cashback percentage offered at each cashback portal.

Cashback portals are the sites that have the deals with the online merchants. Everytime you make a purchase through a cashback portal you get a cashback percentage credited to you.

Not all cashback portals are equal.

We at MooCashback have filtered for only the most reputable cashback portals. There were many that didn't make the grade and therefore not listed at MooCashback:

ExtraBux: C+ | BigCrumbs: D-

Rest assure that the cashback portals listed at MooCashback are all reputable - they have been in business for many years and have a good rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau):

Ebates: A+ | MrRebates: A+ | SHOP.COM: A+ | CouponCactus: A+ | BeFrugal: A+ | TopCashBack: B

It's a free resource.

MooCashback is a free web application that compiles the cashback data from these recommended cashback portals and show the cashback offered at each so that you can make the most profitable decision.

How often is the cashback data updated?

The cashback data is updated daily.

Where are the rest?

MooCashback has narrowed the cashback portals based on not just the highest cashback percentages but also on factors such as their BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating. What good is a higher cashback percentage if you don't get the credit or have issues with the cashback portal. If a cashback portal has a grade lower than a B due to consumer complaints, they will not be shown at MooCashback.

It Depends.

If there is a signup bonus offered at a new cashback portal it makes sense to signup at the new cashback portal and use them to get both the cashback and the signup bonus.

Another factor to consider is some cashback portals require you to have a certain amount accumulated in order for you to cashout. See the comparison table for the cashout requirements for each cashback portal.

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